Food Product Pricing Sheet

We price our food product photography based on the number of dishes, number of approximate hours it takes to capture those dishes, license fee for usage, and style of setup.  Please ask us if you have questions on the rates or think your particular project does not fall under one of these categories and we can customize a quote.

Setup:  Includes cameras, lighting, on location travel, backgrounds if needed.
Additional Options: Food Stylist, ingredients, props, surfaces, off location studio food shoots.

Setup Fee on location: $350
Setup Fee our studio: $250
Half Day Rate: $1000
Day Rate: $2000
Per Image Fee + Usage: (Online only) $10
Per Image Fee + Usage: (Menus, Print & Publications) $30
Per Image Fee + Usage: (Large Format Print, i.e billboards and signs) $100

Food Stylist: $1500 per day
Ingredients and styling: Starting at $300 (depends on materials)
Props & Surfaces: $200
Additional Editing: $100 per hour

Food Photos taken for DoorDash

Food Photos taken for DoorDash