Featured Videos

For 2019, we had the honor of capturing footage for Akash Management LLC and their many Carl’s Jr. stores. They have grown so much in the franchise over the years and now are up to 158 stores up and down the West Coast. They even have branched out into KFC, Pieology, and Arby’s. With 2019’s convention upon us, we set off with a storyboard and idea to capture the employees and their day to day routines to really show what makes this company great. Enjoy this years video and superstars.

In 2018, we featured this video as a piece we did with one of the largest Carl's Jr franchisee teams here in Southern California.  We had the pleasure of meeting some really dedicated team members and managers as well as get a little behind the scenes of their daily lives.  This showcases that we not only do videos for marketing purposes, but we can also do them for your own internal usages as well.


Promotional Video

The following is a project we worked on last year with a Fullerton company here in Orange County to create a video testimonial from some of their past clients about their amazing services.  The job included 2 cinematographers, interviews, drone footage, and shots at their office here and integrated footage from India.


Social Media Marketing

Video is a great way to attract viewers on social media. When you want everyone to know why you’re such a great company to work for, you create videos like this. Whether it is 30 second clips or full 5 minute long interviews and stories, we can create any style video for your team to share online and with future employees, investors, or clients. Just like we did for Western Growers down in Irvine and their video titled “An Inside look at Western Growers”


Behind the Scenes

On top of videos that we create for clients, we also have some behind the scenes videos of our teams in action.  These samples could also be used to create videos of your own companies and teams in action or at a live event.

BTS - Rachet and wrench

This video was created while on location for the Ratchet and Wrench shoot that was going to be a featured photo on the cover of their magazine.  Additional images of their garage and business was also taken.

BTS - Superior Processing

Here is some behind the scenes footage of Nathan shooting at Superior Processing, as we did a full package of photos, website, and brochures for this local electrical circuit board manufactorer. 



And now some pretty time lapse footage we took out in Joshua Tree one evening.  


Aerial & Drone

And what video portfolio would be complete with out some aerial drone footage that we can add to any package.  Our photo and video teams are able to capture a birds eye view of your properties, team, or live event.  Please ask us early though so our certified pilots can check on regulations and FAA air space in your area.